2017 Product of the Year

high times mob grip tape product of the year 2017

The collaboration between Mob Griptape and High Times Magazine has produced skateboarding’s greatest artifacts. This griptape is not new for 2017. It wasn’t new for 2016, either, and it’s probably even older. In an attempt to deliver the absolute truth, I reached out directly to NHS, Mob’s distributor.

Why NHS? In addition to being able to leave product reviews, NHSfunfactory.com used to allow visitors to ask questions on every product’s dedicated page. I recall questions as specific as “How does the concave of this deck relate to that of (x)?” being answered quickly and in full context. Less-than-serious questions were treated all the same. While this functionality greatly impressed me, it has since been removed. So, I left the following review on the “Northern Lights” product page.

What year was this product first released? This is for research purposes.

Anyways, great product!

A NHS customer service rep had emailed me within a few minutes of my review being live. His name was Gavin, and he asked,


What sheet of Hightimes Graphic Mob do you have?

I responded,

Hi, I believe it is the “Northern Lights.”




And you were wondering what year the sheet came out?



It’s getting product of the year on www.usedtoskate.com



Spring 2013

I thanked Gavin for his work and promised him a shout out.


What makes a product worthy of being Product of the Year? Innovation? Setting new standards? Or is it simply something which so perfectly blends distaste, effort and absurdity that you can’t help but buy two? What could have simply been a sheet of black grip with printed weed leaves is instead the most extreme statement you could make with a skateboard. The two sheets of grip pictured have been laying under my bed for for three months and will remain there until they have at least tripled in value. 

A well deserving recipient of this year’s Product of the Year nod.

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