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Spot Check- Ann Arbor Skatepark

Over the past 12 days, the highest temperature in Ann Arbor, Michigan has been 18 degrees. Since then, it has yet to rise past the teens, sitting at its lowest at -18. This officially sets a new record of consecutive days in which the high temperature failed to rise past 20 degrees in the Metro […]

Rest In Peace- My Favorite Hoodie

I used to have an almost unhealthy obsession with Deathwish. In fact, had I not been in college when I first developed an affection for the brand, I likely would have devoted most of my creative energy to becoming the kind of fanboy you typically see in a Deathwish tour video—the person who gets into […]

Mind Field

Alien Workshop Mind Field In 2009, Alien Workshop released their fourth full-length video, Mind Field. Upon becoming widely circulated online, it was soon regarded as an artsy piece of shit—by me at least. The skating was great- for the most part- but I hated everything the video represented, which to me, was the blossoming hipster […]

Silver Tool

My favorite skateboard superstition is that all boards manufactured by Deluxe with a red top ply are cursed. I’ve skated probably 15 Deluxe boards in my life and have only ever had one “red top.” It was a Krooked Mark Gonzales bought during the winter of 2004. At the time, I was 14 years old […]


Bryan Van Kampen- Used to Skate Interview

The following interview took place via text message beginning March 31st, 2017. It ends almost five months later, if for no reason other than indifference. I’ve known Bryan since my freshmen year of college, and I hope we will be texting about skating for as long as we live. He currently lives two hours west […]


I work in marketing and communications for commercial real estate company in Ann Arbor, Michigan. They sent me to a marketing conference in Cleveland, Ohio. In between taking pictures of a fountain outside my hotel, I watched a group of three skaters and one biker session a ledge beneath a black statue of Abraham Lincoln. […]

Home Alone X Toy Machine

Skateboarders have unique and consistent responses to many stimuli. When we arrive in new places, we scan the environment for spots, imagining what could be done. When we hear a rolling skateboard in the distance, our focus immediately breaks. When we see someone wearing basketball shorts at the skatepark, we judge their fashion choices. For […]

John Rattray- Feed the Need

I will likely never know the last piece of my ancestry. My great-grandma was adopted, and the topic was supposedly treated as something which never needed to be discussed. The research done by her descendants has narrowed the choices down to Wales, Ireland or Scotland, and will remain as such for all eternity. For whatever […]

2017 Product of the Year

The collaboration between Mob Griptape and High Times Magazine has produced skateboarding’s greatest artifacts. This griptape is not new for 2017. It wasn’t new for 2016, either, and it’s probably even older. In an attempt to deliver the absolute truth, I reached out directly to NHS, Mob’s distributor. Why NHS? In addition to being able […]

Geoff Rowley and Friends- Chichagof

If I began an interior journey at the speed of light, it would take me an eternity to arrive at the other side of my emptiness. And if I tried to fill my emptiness, I’d need a spigot so large it would have to be turned by a hand the size of a planet. And […]