Bronson Speed Co. Bearings

I wonder how the hell they decided on the word “Bronson” to represent a bearing company. The only thing the word does for me is remind me of that Tom Hardy movie I always see at Family Video. Is that movie supposed to be a biopic of Charles Bronson or something?
They have gumball machines at all Family Video stores, and if your gumball matches a certain color for the week, then you get a free rental. I’m not really a fan of stale gum but if I ever get lucky enough I guess I’ll rent Bronson. It’ll probably be more exciting than constantly worrying if I put my bearings all the way into my wheels.

So I have a question: Why do new bearing companies even exist? At this point in my 26 year old life, I know that Bones products are generally unmatched at their price points. I’m not exactly sure why I even bought these.

I have another question: Why doesn’t anyone talk to me at the skatepark anymore? I don’t even have anything funny or stupid to say about this matter.

These big bad Bronsons came in a neat tin container that I told myself I would keep but ended up throwing away. One of their selling points is that their bearings are hermetically sealed. I don’t see what good this does for the long term. Their website also claims these bearings to be the “fastest, strongest, longest lasting, longest spin skateboard bearings ever made.” Considering that I had a Bronson bearing break within two weeks of purchase, I would disagree with that claim.

I’ve never had a bearing break before. I’m not fat, and judging by how I’m treated at the skatepark, I don’t even look like I skate.

Not impressed.

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