Devin Appelo- Hesh Law

Devin Appelo Obscure Gems Creature Hesh Law

I really hate the term “underrated.” It gets used a lot on skateboarding message boards. What people are talking about are skaters and video parts that just get overlooked.

I’m pretty sure that skateshops started putting Hesh Law in the 50% off bin within a week of getting it. That’s just the way Creature seems to get treated. I don’t much care for the brand, mostly because I don’t get the horror movie/ ratrod/ bright piss green subcultures. I do appreciate Creature for their consistency in releasing actual videos that aren’t just web garbage, but it doesn’t seem like anyone buys them.

This is unfortunate because the creature team lays down some seriously gnarley shit. Taylor Bingaman and David Gravette destroy all terrain, and (even though I’m unsure if the guy is still alive) Devin Appelo quietly put out this obscure gem. If you don’t end up muting it after the first five seconds, you probably will after 13.

The way this part is filmed and edited doesn’t do any favors for Appelo either, but you can still observe his distinct spot selections and “no fucks given” style. It clocks in at under two minutes, so it’s an easy commitment as well. I thought that this part could use a more enjoyable soundtrack, so I went ahead and overlaid the theme to Home Alone. I hope you enjoy it.

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