Geoff Rowley and Friends- Chichagof

Geoff Rowley and Friends Volcom Chichagof Obscure Gems

If I began an interior journey at the speed of light, it would take me an eternity to arrive at the other side of my emptiness. And if I tried to fill my emptiness, I’d need a spigot so large it would have to be turned by a hand the size of a planet. And the torrent that would follow would be as though a single gnat were to sweat a molecule of water on a desert’s burning surface. No…what am I gonna do about this?

The spoken-word intro above, followed by a Motörhead song which calls to disobey all figures of power and wealth is enough to push every single hormonally-challenged 14 year old boy to the thresholds of angst and rage. I’m 27 now and I still feel like carving skate logos into things when I watch this part. Perhaps a better thought to ponder is just how the hell this part came into existence. While I don’t doubt that there are other documentations of pros and epic mini ramp sessions floating around, I do doubt that any of them were filmed in the middle of a forrest.

Judging by the tens of skate videos I habitually downloaded and watched at this point in time (2004-05), a mini ramp part wasn’t something companies were putting in their videos- let alone as the last part. However, this type of creative decision should be expected when previous parts in a video are shared between two opposites such as Dustin Dollin and Lewis Marnell (R.I.P.).

At the age of 14, it was easy for me to dismiss this video as a sort of discordance between odd visuals and music as opposed to actual skateboarding. It was more likely that I thought Chichagof was really dumb. I no longer think this video is dumb, however, it is hard for me to sit through more than five minutes. Most online streams have horrible audio/ video quality and often end up giving me a headache. I also get headaches when I eat Pringles, so I might just be a total wimp.

The majority of online sources attribute this part to Geoff Rowley. This makes sense, being that he does about 70% of the tricks. Guest skaters whom I can identify include Tom Penny, Mark Appleyard, and PJ Ladd. I would appreciate any identification of the skaters whom I cannot.

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