Grip Gum

Is Grip Gum the exact same thing as sanding belt cleaner? Essentially, yes.

I bought my stick of Grip Gum during the summer of 2010. It received regular use because it was the only thing which managed to keep my griptape clean. Don’t even try and mention the “windex and paper towel” method for cleaning grip, because it’s bullshit.

Upon returning to college that fall and using my Grip Gum in public, my friends immediately busted my balls for having bought yet another stupid skate accessory. For the months following, I used it regularly and with honor- my grip was spotless and I had one less excuse for poor skating. However, at some point that winter, my Grip Gum became lost in the incredibly filthy trunk of my 2000 Chevy Lumina.

Five years later, it was found and then properly thrown into the trunk of my current car. Move ahead two more years to present day, as I’m actually skating again, and you can find me still using this wonderful piece of technology.

The photo above is of my current ride. Let it be known that this deck is 1.5 years old and bought when Toy Machine finally decided to produce 8.5s longer that 31.875. From its time of purchase until three day ago, it sat in a box because I had become the biggest poser I’ve ever known.

Can you imagine my excitement when I threw this bad boy to the ground and felt the crisp, almost uncomfortable feeling of a new board for the first time in what felt like an eternity? Unfortunately, within 20 seconds of riding around Ann Arbor skatepark, my grip was filthy. After two minutes and a few ollies, my grip was absolutely disgusting. This left me in part thankful, as I now had a reason to use what others saw as a stupid skate accessory.

Now emerged from the trunk of my 2011 Volkswagen Jetta was my treasured Grip Gum. After a moment of thanks and embrace, I helped my grip return to its beautiful and original state. I repeated this process two more times during my session, but held off from a final cleaning until it was able to be documented. View the photos below to see just how magical grip gum is.

Yes. Grip Gum works.

I must have paid $10 for my Grip Gum, and although mine has been used, I would say that its original dimensions were 4.5″ x 1.5″. Its durability can be compared to that of an eraser, if that even means anything. However, after almost seven years of four-season storage in a trunk, it works just as well as the day I bought it.

It looks like Grip Gum has their own website, although it consists of nothing more than a landing page with a logo and an online store which has never actually had anything uploaded. A google search for Grip Gum does reveal a few online stores which have Grip Gum available for purchase. Personally, I’m considering the purchase of another Grip Gum for peace of mind.

Absolutely recommended.

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