I Still Can’t Deal With This Shit

If there was one thing about skateboarding that I wish I could do, it would be to stop being such a little bitch. Ever since I started rolling along the sidewalk in front of my house, I’ve gotten very good at blaming every facet of skateboarding and life as to why I suck. At any given moment, dirty griptape, a chipped nose or tail, the amount of traffic or how tight my pants are around my upper thighs can ruin my session and make me contemplate quitting skating forever.

About a year and a half ago, I treated myself to a Christmas complete. Top the line components and expedited shipping, all because I could. I absolutely didn’t need what I bought then and I still don’t need it now. In my mind, because they were the newest and greatest and most expensive, I had to buy a set of forged titanium Indy’s. The only thing which was going to stop me was the fact that they weren’t raw silver. Unfortunately, it didn’t. I knew from the moment I submitted my order that their dark gunmetal finish would eventually become a personal scapegoat.

The only other non-silver trucks I’ve had was in 8th grade. At this time, every 8th grade boy on earth was obsessed with Bam Margera. I was no different: Bam t-shirts, Viva la Bam every Sunday night, Bam iberlight skateboards and pink Bam Destructo trucks. I was too naive to let something like colored trucks be the biggest problem in my life.

Months passed and I eventually grew out of my Bam phase. My Destructos became Krux, then Thunder, before eventually settling on Indy’s. I did try Theeve’s about seven years ago, which were OK, but not special enough to switch brands again. During this time, however, I did learn the importance of Bones bushings.

I can’t even remember what point I’m trying to bring up.

Paired with an incredibly pointy Toy Machine deck and the whitest wheels on earth, these trucks make my board look like a plastic piece of shit. If anyone wants them, I’ll dump them off at the Ann Arbor skatepark. They’re 159 (8.75) and will have stock bushings.

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