Obscure Gems

Alien Workshop Mind Field

Mind Field

It’s not uncommon for me to suddenly start loving something I once strongly hated.

John Rattray Osiris Feed the Need Obscure Gems

John Rattray- Feed the Need

John Rattray has a unique approach to skating is a “no shit” statement if there ever was one.

Geoff Rowley and Friends Volcom Chichagof Obscure Gems

Geoff Rowley and Friends- Chichagof

I still feel like carving skate logos into things when I watch this part.
Ben Gilley Reason to Believe Obscure Gems

Ben Gilley- Reason to Believe

Reason to Believe is a charming local video from Alabama.

Devin Appelo Obscure Gems Creature Hesh Law

Devin Appelo- Hesh Law

I really hate the term “underrated.” It gets used a lot on skateboarding message boards. What people are talking about are skaters and video parts that just get overlooked.